Tuesday, February 20, 2018

QOTSA Las Vegas Print By Dayne Henry Release

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Good thing these did not stay in Las Vegas, they are sick. Dayne Henry designed the poster for the Queens of the Stone Age show in Vegas last Friday night.

Each poster measures 12″ x 36" and is a 6 color screen print with special gold inks for Queens of the Stone Age's February 16th, 2018 show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regular edition is signed and numbered edition of only 50 prints by artist Dayne Henry.
Signed and numbered edition of only 30 rainbow foil prints.
Signed and numbered edition of only 20 thatched foil prints.

 Available Tuesday, February 20th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

David Welker The Maze Art Print Release

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David Welker has a truly epic release happening this week.
A little over 25 years ago I had the great pleasure of working with the band Phish on their concept album titled "Rift". It was a rare chance to work intimately with these four legendary musicians when they were still getting fan mail in a shoe box. When it was proposed that there would be this main character lying diagonally in a bed I was struck with the literalness of it. So straight away I put myself headlong into it. I was the guy lying diagonally in the bed doing my best impression of Martin Sheen's post Saigon meltdown in Apocalypse Now. And fittingly I was in the midst of a breakup during the whole creative process.

This album spoke to me in so many ways over the years and I just couldn't help but feel there was some strange almost mystical connection going on. I'm sure I'm not alone though. So, now I find myself revisiting this room, this strange house, and wondering what it would look like if the Maze came to life. What would it feel like to still be inside the Maze 25 years later? The woman is in the doorway. Is she staying or is she leaving? It was the story of my life for a while. Perhaps the man finally chooses love and is released from the Maze. At this moment the man in the bed appears like a sort of Rip Van Winkle character rowing a boat diagonally across the sheets which have now turned to a rushing torrent of water. If the morning ever comes the album would seem to suggest that love prevails. So there is a lot of dynamic tension in this piece but all the while there is serenity in the face of the man and calm in the woman. And peace in the distance.

I began this drawing process 11 months ago and I feel like I lived another micro lifetime again as the main character letting the piece tell me what it wanted to become. It's as much the story of my life as it is the continuing story of the song and countless other souls who have journeyed with this band and their amazing legacy.
The Maze - Color Giclee Edition
Archival pigment on 305gsm Cold Press cotton rag paper with deckled edges
28 x 21 inches
Signed and numbered Edition of 700

The Maze - Silver Screen Print Edition
Screen print with metallic inks
30 x 21 inches
Signed and numbered Edition of 250

The Maze - Letterpress Edition
One color letterpress
20 x 14 inches
Signed and numbered Edition of 150

The Maze - Pencil Giclee Edition
Archival pigment on 305gsm Cold Press cotton rag paper with deckled edges
22 x 16 inches
Signed and numbered Edition of 150

The four editions will be available on David's new online store on Wednesday, February 21st at 12PM ET.

John Vogl Trey Anastasio Charlotte & Whisky Cock Art Print Release

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John Vogl has been working on a few new things he'd like to share with you. The first is his Trey Anastasio poster from his show in Charlotte, NC the other night. The posters at the show all sold out, he will have a small AP edition available Tuesday 2/20 at Noon MT. He's also got his Whisky Cock art print up for sale.

Finally, If you follow him online, you have probably seen lots of posts about his show "Gazes" which recently opened up at Helikon Gallery. It was a very conscious stylistic and subject shift for me, and John is very proud of how the show came together. All works from it are available now through Helikon Gallery.

The other two will be up in his shop Tuesday at www.thebungaloo.com .

Jonathan Burton Citizen Kane Movie Poster Release

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Mad Duck is excited to revisit one of the greatest movies of all time with new licensed posters for Citizen Kane! They are thrilled to offer screen prints for this movie from one of their favorite artists, Jonathan Burton! Burton's illustration skill never ceases to amaze, and he did a wonderful job capturing the different elements and eras of the film!

Edition Details
Regular - 24x36, Screen Print, 10 colors, Hand Numbered, Run of 250, $65
Variant - 24x36, Screen Print, 9 Colors, Hand Numbered, Run of 125, $85

Citizen Kane is their third release in the Orson Welles series and will be available to purchase this Wednesday,February 21st at 12PM Eastern at www.madduckposters.com

Jock Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster Release From Mondo

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Two years ago, Mondo set out on a course with Acme Archives and one of their favorite artists in the galaxy, Jock, to create a series of posters celebrating the iconic Star Wars saga. They kicked it off with “Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy,” at SDCC ’16. Today, they’re proud to announce that the second poster in the series, “That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters,” will be available as a Timed Edition (as well as Limited Edition variant) starting Tuesday!

Featuring Luke’s heroic take down of an AT-AT via lightsaber, Jock continues to provide his unique take on the films by choosing to focus on stunning pivotal moments within each episode. “That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters” will be available as a Timed Edition on Tuesday, 2/20 at 12PM (CT) and will run through Friday, 2/23 until 12PM (CT). There will be a Limited Edition variant of the artwork available at 12PM (CT), as well.

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters by Jock. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Timed Edition. Available Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CT through Friday (2/23) at 12PM CT.

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters (Variant) by Jock. 36"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. Available Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CT.

These posters will be available online Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CST via mondotees.com.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Metallica Mannheim Print By Ben Kwok Release

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Official Metallica Mannheim, Germany posters.
Regular edition of 100 on cream speckletone paper
Rainbow Foil edition of only 25

All posters are 5 color screen prints on 18" x 24" paper and are signed, numbered and hand embossed by artist Bioworkz.

Available Monday, February 19th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Arno Kiss Trey Anastasio Durham Poster Release

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Arno Kiss did the poster for Trey Anastasio's acoustic concert tour date in Durham, NC last Friday night. It’s an 18x24 4 color screen print. Edition of 30 and costs $40, signed and numbered.
He will be releasing them on Monday at 2pm ET in his store at www.arno-kiss.com

Jeremy Pailler The Circus Charlie Chaplin Movie Poster

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Pop Cult Art are delighted and honored to announce their collaboration with Bubbles Incorporated SA and Roy Export S.A.S. to create a series of prints based on their most beloved Charlie Chaplin films.

The first piece in the series comes from the very talented watercolor artist Jérémy Pailler for the 1928 classic "The Circus" and it's on sale now with a discounted price at www.popcultart.com

Friday, February 16, 2018

Brian Mercer Marilyn Manson Denver Poster

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Brian Mercer has released his Marilyn Manson poster from the show in Denver last month. The poster is 18 x 24 silkscreen poster on 100lb paper. Signed and numbered Artist Proof Edition of 30.

Buy it at http://mercerrock.bigcartel.com/

OBEY x Vhils Universal Personhood Print Release

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Obey is releasing a new print collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.

OBEY/Vhils Universal Personhood Lisbon. 24 x 30 inches. Screen print on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Vhils and Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $120.

Available Tuesday, February 20 at 10AM PST on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints.
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